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Rajasthan is favorably placed to become the largest provider of solar power among all sources of energy in India at a competitive cost and achieve the scale on solar power generation, which can change face of the State and transform the complete economic situation for betterment of the masses. 

 Out of a total 1100 MW new project allocations, Rajasthan received the maximum share of 873 MW (i.e., 79.36% of all India allocations) through competitive bidding in the first phase of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). Furthermore, 722 reputed companies have already registered their interest for setting up of solar power plants amounting to a total capacity of 16900 MW in Rajasthan. This preference is often     attributed to geographical and climatic advantage of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is bestowed with significant amount of solar energy potential and an overwhelming response from Developers/IPPs has already been received for establishing solar power projects. Rajasthan Government is fully committed to the promotion of solar energy. Conducive Government of India Policy will yield astonishing achievements in solar energy generation in next 10-12 years.

India is blessed with abundant solar energy (over 5000 trillion kWh/year) which is many times more than the total energy consumption of the country, and if harnessed efficiently, the country is capable of producing trillion-kilowatts of electricity. Solar energy is extremely beneficial as it is non-polluting and its generation can be decentralized. There is need to come together and take initiatives to create technologies for a greater use of these sources to combat climate change by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

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 Director - Operations

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Chief Executive

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